Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji’s katha of Raag Maroo SGGS Ang 1081-1086 (solhe 10-14) followed by simran on Monday, 09 January 2023 at GS Parliament.

Solhes no. 11 and 12 by Guru Arjun Dev are rather complex.
Solha 11 uses many Names associated with Krishan Ji and Ramchandar Ji.
Many ragis and parcharaks take the view that Krishan Ji and Ramchandar Ji are worthy of worship since Names associated with them are used liberally in this Solha.
A close reading of the Solha shows however that Guru Ji is using Attributes/Gunn of Nirankar Ji exhibited/manifested by Krishan Ji and Ramchandar Ji. That does not make them worthy of worship or prayer.
A Sikh is told to engage in Praise of Nirankar Ji and no one else.
“Ustat mann me kar Nirankar.”

Solha no 12 is addressed to some Muslims who had asked Guru Ji for Divine Guidance. Guru Ji uses the entire gamut of Islamic terms and practice to instruct.
Although Islamic precepts are used, Guru Ji’s Advice is based on Naam. Thus the Solha is instructive to all Sikhs too.
To understand this Solha, a glossary of Islamic terms is necessary. One then has to understand these terms in the context of Naam as preached by the Gurus.

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