Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji’s katha of Raag Maroo SGGS Ang 1094-1102 followed by simran on Monday 23rd January, 2023 at GS Parliament.

Maru Ki Vaar M.3 tells us of the necessity to acquire Gunn and to embark on the inward journey towards Union with the One Formless Lord.

Maru Vaar Mehla 5 Dakhne M.5 (SGGS Ang 1094 till 1102), tells us that apart from acquiring Gunn, one must have genuine Love for God. As your avastha rises, a yearning for Union will well up in you. The Sikh pines for His Darshan. This state is known as bairaag. It is an intense state where worldly things do not matter to you anymore. Bhagat Kabir Ji says the state of bairaag is necessary as it will break you from the clutches of maya.
“Bin bairaag na chutas maya.” (Ang 329).

Maru Vaar M.5 speaks of the state of intense bairaag which results in sahaj, a state of inner equipoise, peace and contentment, with Gur Parsad, leading to Union and Darshan. The Vaar speaks of Saram Khand avastha leading to Karam Khand and Sachkhand.

The inner jeev is being fine tuned in all aspects as she does more and more Simran and Vichaar on God’s Nature, His Gunn, His Hukam, His Bhana. She is being transformed and sculptured from within. This “gharna” is through the Shabad in terms of “Ghariye Shabad Sachi Taksaal”. Her “surat, matt, mann, budh” are transformed and she acquires a higher Understanding of “sora sidha ki sudh.”
She becomes beauteous in all aspects. Her speech is sweet, her perception of others, her manners, her love for all Nature and humankind, her softness and humility gets polished in all aspects.

Most of the Sloks are expressed by such a charming jeev isteri. The Vaar has 23 pauris and 69 Sloks. The pauris repeatedly draw our attention to God’s Sole Sovereignty, His Imperishability, His Merciful Nature, the perishability of all Creation, and the blessed ones who take to His Naam, serve Him and are in His Grace rendered abhinasi too.

The Vaar is a Divine Masterpiece of construction. All the pauris and Sloks are by Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

The Signature “Nanak” divides the Vaar into 5 parts and appears at pauris 5, 10, 15, 22, and the final pauri 23, which summarises the entire Vaar.

1. In the Sloks and pauris 1 till 5, the jeev isteri declares her love for God. Each time she turns to the Guru, she finds Him drenched in Loving Prayer to God. The Guru gently answers all her queries and addresses her misgivings.

2. In the Sloks and pauris 6 till 10, the jeev isteri reflects upon her life in the Guru’s Sharan. How it has helped her progress spiritually and her miseries of being alone in haumai. The pauris speak of God’s Divine Play of Spirit and Matter, Shiv and Shakti. The Guru categorically declares that Shiv, Spirit (Divinity) always wins. One should live a life of gratitude and Sing the Lord’s Praises to align himself with Shiv.

3. The jeev isteri reflects on her inner preparedness for Union. She realises, no matter how prepared she is, she cannot achieve any Union without His Mercy and Grace. The pauris stress the need for Grace and the importance of looking inwards.

4. In the Sloks and pauris 16 till 22, the jeev isteri reflects upon the gurmukhs and manmukhs and their conduct. She is grateful she has been enjoined to Naam. In the pauris, the Guru repeatedly stresses everything in the physical world is perishable except God, Naam and those fortunate ones who take to Naam and receive His Grace.

5. Sloks and pauri 23 speak of the need for total surrender to His Will, and the total Supremacy of God.

The Sloks and the pauris draw a very personal relationship with God. There is an easy but respectful familiarity. Words like “Tu,” “Tudh” are used, reflecting a closeness, a fondness, a relationship where there are no barriers, only kindness, and Sincere Love abounds.

Ang 1094, 1095, 1096, 1097, 1098, 1099, 1100, 1101, 1102

Raag Maroo