Raag Parbhati

SGGS Ang 1333

It is most important to be in the Sharan of SGGS Ji only, and not to take any other Sharan. That will make you bemukh from the Satguru, and you will lose the Sanctuary and Protection of the Satguru.

In this Shabad, a Sikh affirms his loyalty to the Satguru, SGGS Ji, and says, Lord, those who take Your Santuary, are saved by Your Protective Power.

“Jo Teri Sharanayi Har Jio Tin Tu Rakhan Jogh.”

I cannot conceive of any other as Great as You. There never was, and there never will be.

“Tudh Jewad Mai Avar Na Sujjai Na Ko Hova Na Hogh.”

Lord. I shall always be in Your Sanctuary.

“Har Jio Sada Teri Sharanayi.”

I shall always accept Your Will, Master. Keep me as You Will, in Your Glorious Greatness.

“Jio Bhave To Rakho Mere Suami Eh Teri Vadiaaiyee.”

Shabad Veechar by Bhai Manjeet Singh

Shabad Kirtan Available on YouTube

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Raag Parbhati