Raag Parbhati

SGGS Ang 1329

The entire Universe operates according to His Will. If it is His Will that a jeev comes to this mandal (dimension), no one can stop the coming (birth) of that jeev.

Similarly, if He so Wills that his lifespan is over, that jeev must leave the body.
“Aavat kinne na rakhiya jaawat kyo rakhiya jaaiye.”

He creates, and He Himself gives Understanding, and with this Understanding one then gets immersed in Him.
“Jis te hova soyee par jaane ja oss hi mahe samaahe.”

He indeed is Real, and one is left gasping in wonder at His Wonderous Play.
“Tu hai Wah Teri Rajaaiye.”

Whatever You allow to happen, comes to pass. No one else has power to do anything.
“Jo kich kareh soyi parh hoeba avar na karna jaaiye.”

The entire focus of the mortal is on the physical attractions of the world. Only if one turns inwards, uses his suratt, turns away from worldliness, does one get Enlightenment.
“Suratti ke marag chal ke ultee nadar pargasee.”

Shabad Veechar by Bhai Manjeet Singh

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Raag Parbhati