Jaap Sahib is one of the 5 Banis which are read when Khande da Pahul is given Khalsa initiates.

Jaap Sahib has 199 stanzas and contains Praises of God.

This is the final Chandh of Jaap Sahib.

dokalun prasi dayalun sroopai

sda aung sungai abhungun bebhootai. (199)

The word dokalung is a combination of two words – do and kaal. Kaal means time, death, perishability, difficult times, miseries. God is the Destroyer (Pranasi) of dokalung – difficult times. He is the Embodiment (Saroopeh) of Compassion (Dyalung).

He is Ever Present (Sada Angg Sanghe), Indestructible (Abhangang) and Glorious/ Radiant (Bibhute).

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