Shabad Veechar of Raag Assa SGGS Ji Ang 431-434 by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji followed by simran at Damansara Darbar on Sunday, 15 October 2023.

Ang 431, 432, 433 434

On Sunday, 15-10-23, with Guruji’s Agya, we did Shabad Vichaar from Angg 431, Asawari Mehla 5, which begins with the line,
“Mere mann Har seyo laagi preet.

“With Guruji’s Kirpa, we covered Asa Mehla 5, Birharhe Ghar 4, Shantta Ki Jatt.

These are 3 Shantts clustered (Jatt) together. The central theme is pangs of Love for the Beloved. The word “Pyare” is used frequently, and there is great yearning for Darshan.

Then comes Patti Likhi by Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Angg 432. The word “patti”, literally means slate or a small, smooth, wooden piece used as a blackboard by students. Instead of exercise books as we use nowadays, it was the practice then, to use slates.

All 35 letters of the current Gurmukhi Alphabet are used by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Patti Likhi, although the order in which the alphabets appear is rather different.

As Sikh history records, it was Guru Angad Dev Ji who arranged the 35 Gurmukhi letters in their present sequence.

Patti Likhi concludes at Angg 434 and is followed by Guru Amardas Ji’s Patti from Angg 434 till Angg 435.

Although this Bani has only 18 padas, all 35 letters of the Gurmukhi Alphabet are found in this Bani, too.

Guru Amardas Ji uses the language of commerce, prevalent amongst traders at that time. They used terms normally employed by Book Keepers and Accountants, to record entries in their ledgers and maintained their accounts, profits, losses, list of debtors, and other information relating to their business transactions.

Guru Ji uses such terms to remind man about his lekhas (accounts) which he will have to render if he does not wipe out such lekhas by Naam and Gur Parsad.

The Patti Likhi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is addressed to the Sikh as a young student. The student is repeatedly told to Sing Praises of God.

The Patti of Guru Amardas Ji, however, is addressed to the Pandit, the teacher. A wise teacher must ensure that he does not educate his students to get entangled in maya and worldly bondages.

Raag Assa